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Social tokens are tokens that derive value from the growth of a shared community, leveraging the most seductive aspects of Web3 around a new narrative of viral marketing and ownership.

It refers to ERC-20 tokens that are generally issued by an individual or community and can be used to purchase, access, and view content, products, and published by an individual or community. It can also be viewed as a form of “faith” or “worship” of the individual or community that issued the social token, proving that you are a true “fan” of the issuer/community.

Persoanl Token

Personal tokens are the token issued by individuals to represent their digital currency. This facilitates self employees and creators to acquire the benefits of digital currencies. An artist can make art for someone and earn an hourly charge in the form of their digital currency. This digital token circulation in the market earns popularity for your work and increases the value of your token.

Community Token

Community tokens are created by an organisation or a bunch of people to represent themselves as a whole community. A user can purchase the social token from the community and participate in the community.
Also, if a community serves someone, they receive their return in the form of their tokens. This will facilitate their popularity and token circulation.


WhaleShark - $WHALE

Created by anonymous NFT collector Whaleshark, which quickly dominate the social token world after its initial offering. Whale uses NFT as collateral to keep the value of tokens stable. Whaleshar has a "The Vault" account, which is the core of Whale's value and is used for the NFT art collection. The Vault will look for potential NFT projects with long-term value.

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WhaleShark - $JAMM

JammSession is a community of crypto natives who use the community tools of the JAMM token to explore possibilities for a new type of creator economy. In the community, users use OutPost to publish subscriptions, and other users can pay to read them using JAMM tokens. All tokens are placed in the community vault to reward community contributors.

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Coin Artist - $COIN

Its founder, Marguerite DeCourcelle, who used the name "Coin Artist" to publish the artwork "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto," which shocked the crypto art world. The $COIN holders get access to a community network called the E-Den. This community manages the control over the direction of $COIN. They offer crypto puzzles and other interesting services.

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