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DARQtec is an Australian digital innovation agency that consults, educates and delivers blockchain, IT and digital marketing solutions.
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NFT Development
Our team can develop NFTs based on your ideas and resources. Our solutions can cater to a wide range of business needs.
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Real Estate Tokenization
We can help you gain access to capital from global investors through the tokenization of real estate assets.
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Project Management
Find out how Australian companies can claim R&D costs on their software development work by partnering with us to help project manage their development.
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NFTs - The New Way To Promote And Grow Your Business!

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Real Estate
Crypto Exchange
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Core Services

Blockchain Solutions

Our Blockchain solutions are an excellent way to leverage and future proof your business so you can develop and maintain a competitive edge.

The Benefits Of Blockchain Technology

The benefits of blockchain technology include secure and transparent transactions, reduced costs, increased efficiency and security, and new revenue opportunities.
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IT Services

We have a range of IT solutions to support any business. Our extensive lists covers solutions such as web, app and software development right through to cyber security and project management.

The Benefits Of Our IT Services

The benefits of using our IT services include improved communication and coordination between departments, faster response to customer needs, increased accuracy and efficiency in data processing, reduced costs and improved ROI.
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Digital Marketing

We know what it takes to create a succesful online presence. We help you connect with your customers online, and grow your business in a way that is sustainable and scalable.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

The benefits of digital marketing include reaching a large number of customers, the cost-effectiveness, measuring the results of campaigns, and targeting your advertising to specific customers based on their interests and demographics.
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We Deliver Value By Simplifying the Technical Stuff Guiding & Instructing You Consulting You Through It All

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What We Do

Blockchain For Business

DARQtec is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom digital solutions.

Digital Innovation

We offer technology that connects everything from cloud computing to enterprise IT systems to let you automate your workflows and increase efficiency. 

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We leverage our skills and knowledge to improve and implement strategies to help other businesses reach there goals and potential.


We provide educational platforms and teachable frameworks to all levels of understanding for blockchain & digital innovation.

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Our reputation and success is best explained by those who know us the best.
Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about us.

Emilia Clarke
Walter Cooper
"I approached the DARQtec team to assist me with building a supporting community for indigenous artists. They have been working with amazing input."
Emilia Clarke
Paul Niederer
"Tokenisation is my passion and the DARQtec team really have worked well to assist with project management of the platform. They have done a great job with the website, social media marketing and also creating blogs."
Emilia Clarke
David T.
"Piiink as a loyalty platform has had some great input from the DARQtec team. We look forward to work on other future projects."
ILIPA Capital
Jaime Terauds
"I had engaged DARQtec to assist with the Project Management of our accounting software development which is going to be provided to startup businesses globally. Darqtec have been very diligent in the work carried out and assisting with our website creation also."
"Supercars is a racing GameFi project that is designed for users to play and earn in the Metaverse. DARQtec has been helping us to build our social media strategies and grow our community of Car DAO members across the globe. They are an efficient and professional agency who have been essential in helping car fans discover and enjoy our game."
Rita Ashin
"PIPezi is a very long term project and the team at DARQtec have been working effortlessly to assist with getting our websites done, integrations with the exchange platforms and also creating a strong token initiative."
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Team DARQtec

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