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At DARQtec we help your brand shine!

Customers think of your brand as the identity of your business. Branding is an idea that’s applied to all aspects of a business. It has a pivotal role in how people think of you, and it influences whether or not they invest in you.

Our team is filled with expert graphic designers and branding specialists. We can take you from brand conception all the way through to your launch. We are super passionate about using creative concepts and exceptional design production to deliver a complete digital design service. 

The Benefits Of A Strong Brand

Increased Brand Recognition

A strong brand allows your customers to recognise your business when they are shopping for a product or considering using a company to fulfil a service. Your customers will be more likely to choose you over someone they are not familiar with even if they do not know a lot about your business.

Simpler Introduction Of New Products And Services

If you already have a brand that is strong and your customer base is already established, there will be a limitted financial cost for you to test new products before you invest in them. When you have a strong customer base in place, your customers will be excited for your new products and are often anticipating their arrival.

Improved Customer Loyalty

The recognition that a strong brand builds help to form stronger customer loyalty. Customers look for distinctive brands that share similar values to their own. When you build a strong brand name, you then have to convey these values to create customers' strong emotional connections. Customer loyalty often lasts an eternity and your customers can even spread the word and grow your customer-base.

Stronger Competitive Advantage

Using social media sites, it is easy to reach consumers that may be interested in your business and products. Lead generation is an important benefit of social media that many businesses take advantage of, using different advertising formats on social networks to generate leads.

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Why Choose Us?...


We provide industry valued knowledge and foresight towards developing a solid roadmap.


We educate and empower our clients by walking them through the process and simplifying the technical aspects.


Complete set roadmaps and maintain high level of output through constant measurable activities

Our Branding Services Include:

Brand Strategy

A key objective of any branding initiative is developing a branding strategy that connects with your target market. Good branding is a visual language everyone speaks. Nothing is lost in translation if you are researching, developing, and applying the necessary amount of thought.

Brand Identity Design

Our brand identity design will result in a branding guide that includes a relevant colour palette, font selections, unique design elements, and brand-specific image curation. The branding guide contains clear guidelines on properly using each element of your brand.

Logo Design

We are here to help keep your logo relevant to your business, industry, and audience. We design the perfect logo that represents your brand with clear guidance throughout the entire logo design process.


Rebranding can be scary at times. Still, you shouldn’t be concerned as long as your rebranding is implemented correctly. We can assist you with the creation of a strong, forward-thinking brand identity that generates buzz. Hitting the "reset" button is not the end, it's merely the beginning of something new.

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