What is cryptocurrency

Why Is Crypto So Important And Should I Care?

A few years ago, if you mentioned “cryptocurrency” to me, I would have imagined some kind of currency involving an underworld banking system, with hooded traders sitting behind shady computers. Business topics like Bitcoin, which for a long time were considered too niche to be of interest to the general populace, are now receiving extensive […]

Blockchain Australia Crypto Defi GameFi NFTs Tokenisation
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Why Study Blockchain

Have you ever wondered why exactly blockchain technology has become such a popular topic, and furthermore, why should you learn about it? Ever since blockchain was introduced as a new concept of operating a network for cryptocurrencies, it has steadily been rising in popularity. Evidently, this has led to more and more job opportunities being […]

Blockchain Australia Crypto Defi GameFi NFTs Tokenisation
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A Brief Guide to Studying Blockchain

There is an exciting new opportunity to study and undertake certificate courses and higher-level accredited learning opportunities in Australia with several Registered Training Organizations that are qualified to deliver accredited training in Blockchain Education. Darqtec as a referring education agent is excited to be able to help students find the best learning opportunities available to […]