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Project Management

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Our experienced project management team is dedicated to your success

Our streamlined approach to IT project delivery can handle projects of all sizes. From the optimization of current IT environments to developing and executing detailed IT solutions plans, we prevent scope creep, comply with budgets and deliver exceptional results.

The Benefits Of Partnering With Us For Your Next Project

We're An Australian Company

By working with DARQtec, all Australian clients will benefit from knowing they have an Australian business that employs persons in Australia to support them in building their solution that have worked overseas or been involved in multiple projects with overseas development teams.

Australian Companies Can Claim R&D Costs

Australian companies can claim R&D costs on their software development work if they are using DARQtec to help them project manage their development. We can help clients to claim for the development work and other local costs associated with the project that could be a massive financial help.  

List Tokens

Companies doing crypto projects may get a preference to list their tokens with the PIPezi platform which is being managed by the DARQtec team.

Grant Application Assistance

DARQtec can also assist with helping clients structure themselves for other grants with our working partners including Back To Work Grants, Traineeship Grants, Export Grants, Early Stage Investment Company grants and more.

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Get Started Today

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Why Choose Us?...


We provide industry valued knowledge and foresight towards developing a solid roadmap.


We educate and empower our clients by walking them through the process and simplifying the technical aspects.


Complete set roadmaps and maintain high level of output through constant measurable activities

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