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NFTs also have a huge impact in the game world, as they can be used to represent in-game assets and purchase transactions. For example, games like Cryptokitties and Gods Unchained allow players to trade assets (such as animated characters and game cards) on built-in platforms in exchange for fiat and cryptocurrency. There are also sandboxed games that allow users to create their own virtual worlds, customize the game and trade in built-in assets.

CryptoKitties is one of the earliest NFT project, it is the game for users breed and collect the unique characters. People start to focus on “tokens” because of those “ kittens ”, the peak time price of one kitten character can even reach U$170000, the game developers also built the ” second layer ” game, allow third-party developers to interact  with smart contract to change the game, and introduce more in-game assets and storyline.

The rarer the NFT features, the more likely they are going to make substantial profits in the NFT market. So if you see an NFT selling for a whopping price and are confused by it, dig deeper into its underlying features. Their rarity may give you a better understanding of the reasons behind its price.

Besides this, there are benefits of NFTs in games.

  • Facilitates contribution rewards for gamers in NFTs
  • The cost of the game assets will be transparent in the NFT Marketplace. 
  • Developing NFT games offer huge revenue – generating opportunites 
  • Demand in exclusive assets increases your token value.
  • Listing exclusive game assets in the NFT marketplace drives huge attraction towards your NFT as well as marketplace.
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