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Bitcoin emerged in 2008. As the beginning of the development of the digital world, this is the inevitable outcome of the Internet’s maturity to a certain extent.

After ten years of continuous fermentation, the blockchain technology industry has been booming, and various application scenarios have been landed one after another.

Blockchain technology has been attracting public attention since the birth of Bitcoin. With the continuous update and development of technology, blockchain technology has gradually developed from distributed ledger to the underlying technology of a programmable smart contract. People have also seen the possibility of blockchain technology in all walks of life. As a result, the cryptocurrency market has grown rapidly, with thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation today.

Mainstream currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP) still account for the vast majority of market capitalization. Market participants largely view cryptocurrencies as an asset, and as a result the market is less liquid. As a result, investors need to find a better way to store value, and the stablecoin market is slowly emerging.

Taking a look at the cryptocurrency market, payment currencies are still dominant. With the development of block chain technology, people will realize more and more turn to block chain technology as the underlying technology in all walks of life. The anchoring and reserve sector accounts for 1% of the total market capitalization, but it is important to improve the currency liquidity of cryptocurrencies.

The future of blockchain technology may depend in large part on the future of cryptocurrencies. As a result, the regulation of cryptocurrencies has become increasingly important.

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The Pipezi Wallet is a mnemonics based mobile wallet that is highly secure, that stores your crypto assets. It is decentralized multi cryptocurrency application based on the Andriod and IOS platforms. The users will be able to make the decision about how they spend, store, and organize their funds. It currently supports Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. As a decentralised wallet it provides you with the security and privacy you are looking for in an easy to use and accessible interface. Coming soon will be the addition of BTC, and Tron based TRC20 tokens.

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