DCS CASH announces US100 Billion dollar Game Fi

DCS announces entry in to the US$100 Billion dollar Game-Fi Industry

DCS (Decentralised Data Crypto Systems) have entered strategic discussions to coinvest with the Australian based company Darqtec, to create a series of blockchain based games. Brisbane Australia, March 1st, 2022, DCS (Decentralised Data Crypto Systems) a leading developer of crosschain Zero
Knowledge Proof based privacy solutions, announced today that they have entered strategic discussions to coinvest alongside Darqtec Pty Ltd to create a blockchain based game development division within the company. The new division will focus on the emerging GameFi industry which now represents almost US$100 billion, or 50% of the total gaming industry business.
Whilst they are yet to finalise the deal, Jaime Terauds, cofounder of DCS, expects to make a major announcement in the coming weeks This is an initiative we have been working on in stealth mode with Darqtec for several months now. As it became apparent to my business partner, Aaron Casar (cofounder of DCS) and I, that aligning our other companies’ operations, where we share complimentary skill sets makes great strategic sense. Terauds continued The new
division will utilise the extensive development skills of Darqtec, to add considerable depth and expertise to the existing DCS team”. The deal will see DCS take a strategic equity position in Darqtec Pty Ltd, and codevelop a range of GameFi based titles.

Aaron Cassar, CEO of Darqtec added We have some really exciting games already in production and once we’ve agreed on the final structure, we’ll be announcing the details of our first project in the coming weeks”. Here at Darqtec, we are really excited about the prospects for the Meta Verse and the application of DAOs, Gamefi, and SocialFi, in this space, and we are looking forward to working with Jaime and the DCS team to see our vision come to

DCS plans to launch a first of its kind, CARDAO applicationSUPERCARS in March this year.

DCS plans to launch a first of its kind, CARDAO applicationSUPERCARS in March this year

DCS CASH announces US100 Billion dollar Game Fi Industry
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About DCS:

Decentralised Data Crypto Systems are the pioneers of the Mix-ZK privacy protocol which offers privacy solutions for users on the BSC network using Zero Knowledge Proofs in Combination with Hybrid Data Structures, to provide an additional encrypted layer to anonymise the transaction whilst simultaneously protecting user identity, message transmission privacy, and the data’s structural privacy. The technology has myriad of applications including securing
medical records, enabling anonymous voting, charitable contributions, corporate tenders, auctions, and various archival and storage applications.

About Darqtec:

Founded in 2019, Darqtec is an Australian-based web and software development company firm focused on the emerging field of blockchain, Web 3.0, FinTech and GamFi industries. Darqtec are development partners of Australia’s newest Digital Asset Exchange, Pipezi Pty Ltd, launching in Australia in March 2022, with a focus on small and medium enterprises.

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