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Art Tokenization

How about we tokenize the ART ?

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The scope of our art investment tokens include:

At Darqtec, we offer services to help with the due diligence, auditing, and legal services required for a valuation of your art and assigning it to your token. We use blockchain technology to offer art tokens that give investors a way to earn dividends or interest. We also offer crowdfunding opportunities for galleries, helping achieve liquidity and to raise funds for further expansion and purchases.

Commercial Gallery Tokenization

As a Commercial or Public Gallery owner you can have the opportunity to tokenise the ownership of a set of paintings or a whole collection. With the use of blockchain technology protocols such as ERC721, ERC1155, TRC721 and others we can help you to create a way for selling down art to raise funds for further purchases or projects. As a gallery custody of ownership stays with you. You can then share a portion of the income back with the owners holding tokens in your collection as well as sharing in the capital appreciation. We will help you create the smart contracts to support the tokenisation of your collections and also supply the platform to manage the digital assets including any secondary market sales.

Art Tokenization

With our tokenisation platform you can create a non-fungible token for a single art piece or we can fractionalise art into a number of tokens providing a shared ownership in one piece of valuable art or a collection. Tokenisation is a great way assist with helping to raise funds to secure valuable art for collections or galleries.

Non Fungible Art Tokenization

The newest form of art known as NFTs being listed on sites like www.opensea.io and www.rarible.com are creating world record sales. Today this new way to create and tokenise art is getting massive adoption globally generating hundreds of millions in sales. Digital art including rendered or modified photos, animated jpegs, images of collectables and more are all able to be tokenised using blockchain technology and their sales tracked, providing royalties back to artists. We can help you create a new niche art gallery or marketplace.

Art Tokenization Platform


A customized all-inclusive painting backed token issuance platform for the gallery industry. Through the platform, art owners or gallery owners can tokenise art pieces, collections, or even their commercial galleries.

At DARQTEC we can work with you to help you become an art token issuance business even providing a “Tokenization as a Service” platform that is capable of issuing  tokens that can be either created on Ethereum, Tron, Polkadot  Hyperledger, NEM or other blockchains.

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