versailles heroes
// What is Versailles Heroes?

What is Versailles Heroes?

Versailles Heroes is a competitive blockchain MOBA game with tons of characters, fun gameplay, and upgradable and scalable NFT features. With a light sci-fi theme, Versailles Heroes fits perfectly in the Metaverse concept and is highly immersive. MOH is gained in the Versailles Heroes Play-to-Earn system. Players can use NFT heroes and NFT weapons to enjoy multiple game modes, earning MOH while having a blast in the game.

// MOH

What can you do with MOH?

MOH (Medal of Honor) is the game token, that can be traded or used as payment to purchase game items. MOH is also connected to VRH DAO GasEscrow smart contract. It is the first GAS type in VRH governance mining. The competitive mechanism in the GAS contract encourages the massive burning and destruction of MOH. While decreasing the MOH inflation in the process, you can also boost your mining rewards up to 2.5 times.

// VRH

What is VRH?

VRH (Versailles Heroes) is a DAO (DeFi) economic infrastructure on Ethereum smart chain. Its purpose is to create a fast-growing economic TVL environment for DeFi. VRH tokens are issued through the ERC-20 smart contract. Through open, transparent, and impartial governance of the DAO protocol, VRH is used in the exploration of DeFi as well as the development of the blockchain games’ ecosystem.

VRH Economic Model

Investors can choose to lock up their VRH for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years in exchange for veVRH, which can be used in voting for proposals, mining with a guild, or creating a guild. The longer you lock up the VRH, the more veVRH you can get. Investors can increase their weight within a guild by burning game tokens to acquire GAS. The weight could be boosted up to 2.5 times. Thus, creating a competitive environment for market value increase, and bringing more profit to the investors that have utilized the GAS.

Blockchain Utilization and DAO governance protocol

VRH DAO is created with Ethereum smart contract. The decisions in the network will be made through the DAO proposals. The community is the main driver of product development and coding iteration.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

Versailles Heroes issued the NFTs with ERC-721 smart contract. In-game items are given digital ownership to create a Play-to-Earn economic system. NFT holders are able to gain token rewards and trade in a safe digital environment.

Duo token mining

Different from traditional liquidity pool mining, VRH has built a duo token ecosystem. MOH is produced during gameplay, and VRH is produced by DAO governance mining. MOH can be burnt to aid the DAO governance mining and yield more VRH.


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