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Opportunity to undertake Blockchain Education

There is an exciting new opportunity to study and undertake certificate courses and higher-level accredited learning opportunities in Australia with several Registered Training Organizations that are qualified to deliver accredited training in Blockchain Education.

Darqtec as a referring education agent is excited to be able to help students find the best learning opportunities available to them that suit the career path goals that they have.

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Undertaking a Diploma in Blockchain

As an Australian based business, an accredited training course that we recommend anyone looking to make a career in emerging technologies such as Blockchain to consider is the Advanced Diploma and Diploma of Applied Blockchain course.  This course has been developed in Australia by professionals in the IT Industry that have specific application experience in blockchain.

The Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses focus on helping students develop critical thinking and strategy. The courses also explore blockchain within a business context and how it can be applied to support and improve business processes. Doing an accredited course like these will also assist with improving a student’s project management and business analytical skills.  Both courses are well-designed project-based course that will equip students with the oversight of how to use blockchain in transformational applications and applied strategies. 

Key learning outcomes of undertaking a qualification in Blockchain

  • Establishing a blockchain framework for decentralised P2P consensus and innovation
  • Developing a blockchain business model
  • Developing a blockchain network functional requirements specification
  • Creating trust and activating a blockchain with smart contracts
  • Developing a framework for operating a blockchain network
  • Developing a strategic network framework for interoperability
  • Preparing an organisation for transitioning operations to a blockchain network
  • Developing a blockchain governance model for stewardship
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Dawn of a New Era

  • The Course can be delivered ONLINE to students.
  • Career prospects include Blockchain Strategist / Planner / Manager / Engineer / Consultants.
  • This emerging technology is – No Coding experience required.

Courses and Career Opportunity

Blockchain Quality Engineer

These individuals are responsible to see all the areas of quality in the development process. It might also include automation framework testing, manual testing. This profession mainly deals in QA, planning, and delivery of complex Blockchain projects and meeting QA standards.

Blockchain Legal Consultants

Individuals who have a vast understanding of the process from development to implementation. Advising clients on how blockchain can improve their business. A consultant knows the structure and how to govern the process for success.It is vital for the company to have the blockchain consultant.

Blockchain Designer

Organizations that use Blockchain technology need these designers to create websites or portals that inform their customers about their offerings. An individual who is seeking a chance to make a career into a Blockchain designer needs to have the following skills – UI designs (web and mobile), manual sketches, PS, Illustrator.

Blockchain Developer

One can imagine careers in Blockchain Developer as a full stack developer. If you believe that you have great skills for server-side programming with good analytical skills, then Blockchain Developer role is for you. An individual needs to understand the end-to-end systems of Blockchain application. Setting up nodes, how to proceed with Blockchain transactions, how to submit these transactions, how to trigger Smart Contract functions. These individuals have the strongest career opportunities.

Blockchain Project Manager

When companies are looking into the Blockchain solutions PM are the ones who are to be contacted first as he is responsible for the success and failure of the project. PM is required to manage and facilitate these projects. They are responsible for translating the need of the companies into technical terms that can be discussed with developers and other stakeholders of the project. They are also tasked with proper planning and execution of the Blockchain project. PM is important during the project.

Pre-requisites to study Blockchain

The great thing about studying blockchain is that no coding /programming or technical experience or qualifications are required. It is preferred that students have completed formal high school education of up to Year 12. Studying blockchain is ideal for any professionals to undertake also that are looking to further their skill sets in their chose industry

    • IT Professionals
    • Accountants
    • Lawyers
    • Financial Analysts
    • Business Process Engineers
    • Change Management Consultants
    • Technology based Educators

To find out more about how you can do study and learn about Blockchain undertaking such course just contact us at Darqtec and we will look to refer you to a provider that can support your needs.

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